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Shawn Dotson

Sean, the word stipple brought back a memory. When you were in the commercial art program at MATC(Madison's alternative to college)you did a small piece that I had thought you sent to Powell during the replace VCJ contest. It was a stippple piece of a woman on a motorcycle. Did you ever send that piece to them?

Rotation Station

Really stumped as to why the would reissue the early version. I had a red one back in 87, starting three years of Santa Cruz loyalty. Thanks for the quality update.


i have a original in white that is not shown still in good shape


Great update!
I've never noticed the ripped ragdoll before.
This graphic has never been a favourite of mine, maybe bacause of lack of nostalgic memories, i don't think i ever saw it for real in my local skateshop, only in magazines. But looking at it now, and reading the story behind it it definetly jumps up to my top 3 Phillips graphics.

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