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Neil McDougall

there are so many amazing colorways of the spiral deck. I try to feature them in baywatch every month when one goes off. Just when you think you've seen them all a new one pops up.

darrick fabian

My first skate -- black and orange stained Gator(first gen), clear grip, black and grey two-tone sims street wheels with blue tracker trucks.

I was somewhat familiar with the bland skateboards of the 70's but when I saw a kid carrying one of these puppies in '84 it changed everything for me. It just *looked* exciting -- so new, so bright and stylish. For me, with a little help from 'Back to the Future' this deck called me to the sport.

I'll stop now before I get too boring;)

P.S. - if anyone has a line on a blk/org stained spiral email me.

Beau Brennan

Sean writes: "You know, it's not like John Wayne Gacy was a top-rated clown working in the Ringling Brothers circus circuit before his conviction and incarceration—this being one of the main differences between the morbid fascination exhibited by collectors of Gacy's paintings versus the nostalgia for some over a former Gator pro model."

lol, on the other hand, it's not like Gator is a high profile serial killer burying young men under the crawlspace of his home for 20 + years. The question one has to ask themselves is, "Can Gator paint?"


My first deck was a Gator. While I certainly wouldn't do anything to support Gator's actions; I have a nastalgic connection with the board.

Some people on online forums fee obligated to bash anyone with a Gator deck. For me, the graphic symbolizes my early days in skating, not what Gator subsequently did.

Michael Faulkner

Think he's eligable for parole this year.......


Im lucky to have 4 of the decks in the first picture, but I wasnt greedy, and got a grigley, the zebra and the blank which is actually a fishlips test shape for the big gulp deck...

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