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ny nigo

Lame. AW was one of my favs of all time. Neil Blender is also my fav skateboarder and like his art, but Warhol. Shame that AW had to go there. Unoriginal and really late.


New era of Burton's corporate responsibility. That AWS/Charley Harper collaborative art show seemed like another way of acknowledging that they've been biting his shit for over a decade.

reality check

People are still waiting for signs of a burton corporate takeover and they havn't gotten it and they're pissed. they were wrong so they're using this series of worhol decks as some kind of rallying point. I think it's hilarious how much of a big deal people made about a little series of worhol deck and called shame, especially when the actual sect produced stuff is still good as ever and still killing it hard.


actually its because chris and mike think stealing artwork is lame and they'd rather give the artist the recognition so this has nothing to do with burton or corporate responsibility or the word corporate but people like thinking with their guts first and then their penises, or was it their toes? hold on, theres an order to this, I think I got it, wait no wait its all in their

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