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Why did George do boneite? Was it really stronger than 7 ply maple like they said?

Matt Bass

I've been told that Bonite was actually Roofing Material sandwiched between plywood and from the looks of it I can easily believe it. I had a Per Welinder street board with Bonite back in the day and it was around the time plastic protection gear was disappearing from boards. I remember the Bonite clearly because my lack of a tail bone quickly revealed the roofing material. The "Bonite" was like thick black construction paper. After you wore through the first two layers of ply on the tail you would hit the "Bonite". Every time you would Ollie after that point you would feel the Bonite hit the ground because it didn't wear away like wood. Its always cool to see new technology come into play in regards to skateboard construction but this one seemed like a straight up marketing scam. I believe they only ran the Bonite for one summer because it was useless and everyone knew it.


yes bonite was horseshit as opposed to the construction of the Boulder board that was truly innovative in every way


Awesome read! Hey Scott, would you consider working with Wes again to resurrect some of that old school innovation? I know a bunch of us skategeezers would totally buy up a grip of decks if you did....

SPY hill

Loophole? Ambiguous? WTF?

Revelations fucking rocks! I bet you like Genesis.

sean cliver

only when it's illustrated by r. crumb...

SPY hill

censorship is weak as...


Great historical piece. Thanks SC!


Great explanations on a deck that immediately struck my eyes, even before I knew it was related to Kryptonics and the K beams - and if you check my blog you will see how much I love Kryptos ...

Any possibility of a reissue ?
adaptability for longboards ? (40" + decks)

Dave Scofield

Great history .. own all the production K Beams, Tri-plane & Shogo. Best boards in the universe. Thanks for this priceless insight!!! ScO

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