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Matt Wes

one of my favorite graphics.

damion h

love this blog. I got one of the john grigley pro models for my 16th birthday unfortunately it was the first deck i decided against running rails on.


I still sport a tee shirt (holes and all0 from this model one of my absolute favorite skate graphics of all time.


Honestly man it is great to see and read someone else understood that John Grigley created one of the best and most important graphics in skate history. Team heads never understood why I cared so much. Old Ghost ruled!!!


great post sean cliver!!
old ghosts defines 80's skateboarding for me.
i skated the grigley 1 (repeatedly)...my buddy had a hippie stick..and yet i yearned for a guardian.
twenty some years later...i got one :D

Jordan Hydro

This looks so cool. I'm so happy that I find this blog, it seems that blogs are getting more creative in every aspect and its nice to see. Thank you for sharing.

Chris Lester

What about the street ghost???That was a great spin off from these and just as cool!!

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