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ur refering to a CIRCUMSIZED penis right?

what would an UNCIRCUMSIZED board look like?

#1 Fanboy

Someone bust me one of them red cuts!
Money bumps or die!
The punkity punk!

Neil McDougall

is that red gargoyle above really a Zorlac? It is missing the Zorlac print, and the graphic doesn't run full bleed unlike the other ones. The wings are totally squared off.

sean cliver

yeah, that's a zorlac. just one of the gargoyle variants from back then. but it would be funny to think that out of all the boards out there this would be the one someone chose to bootleg...


Thanks for the mention and the link to Skate and Annoy.

At my other pet project, Cold War Skateboards, we managed to do the penis-shaped (production model) skateboard one step further, and on purpose even. Our shape for the Dickies model (named the Stuart) has an intentional hint of a urethra. At first I made as a goof, but then thought, You only live once, why not make it more phallic instead of less phallic. I mean, it's THE DICKIES for cryin' out loud.


e cigarettes

This reminds me of this time when I was 15 and skateboarding. I tried to do a trick of a picnic table, the board went straight down and I landed on top of it. Let me tell you this was the worst bruise I have ever had in my entire life. LOL

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