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Nick Halkias

Cliver...keep these coming. I love em..


I second that, an online follow-up to the 2 books will be very nice, some original sketches & concept art please!


Thats an F-15.


That graphic is one of the all time worst, in my opinion.
First, the "subject", a jet plane, is a classic little boy's toy and represents a popular "when I grow up I want to be..." fantasy. At that time skateboarders over 16 were suffering the stigma of "still playing with that toy". This graphic propagated such attitudes. Why not make a series including a firetruck, locomotive, race car, and cow-boy horsey. It screamed as an off-the-rack option to mom & kids who found punk or surf culture distasteful.

Second, a military themed graphic without any irony (little skull pilot noted) or social commentary, was the only jockier theme one could choose above baseball, football, and wrestling.

Third, it represented a "hobby", "passion", or "career" which was completely unrelated to skateboarding's culture. I don't dismiss such interests, as I have some of my own, but at such an early stage of its history I felt it was out of place. Skateboarding was still trying to find/establish its identity and here is this best-seller worshiping another culture, pursuit, and career goal. Why not make a series which includes a stethoscope& scalpel, chef's hat & ladle, golf cart & clubs.

I'm not a McGill basher (as I've only seen him be cool at his park) but it does jive with his "jock" reputation that this would be his graphic.


Rocuronium – I couldn’t disagree more. This graphic is one of my favorite graphics of all times, and this deck is my holy grail to find an original in any condition. Even the 2005 reproduction in a horrible purple finish was hard to find in 2009 – I bought the very last one available on Google Products.

It didn’t represent a hobby. It represent the Cold War, at least to me at its highest peak, and an F-14 was about as good as you were going to get at the time. I for one, would love to see a whole series of Mc Gill oriented decks representing major USA air assets in a screened format. I’d buy them all.

Let’s start with the B-36.

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